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This museum commemorates the 15-year old girl in Farmville, Va., who started the desegregation of the public... days 18 hours ago days 18 hours ago
Happy Birthday, Jim "Jacleg" Harley! 82 years young today, March 26, 2016. Make many more beautiful birds! days 18 hours ago
One of the Highwaymen painters dies . week 5 days ago
Christine McHorse (pictured) spoke at the Folk Art Society's Santa Fe conference in 1994. week 5 days ago
Howard Finster and Paradise Garden in the Huffington Post: week 6 days ago
FASA Columbus Conference brochure now online at FASA website. October 9-12, 2014 is the date. Mark your calendars. — 3 weeks 7 hours ago
Orren & Marilyn's Collection of Albert Zahn Birds at Milwaukee Art Museum: weeks 1 day ago
The below codes contain an invitation to attend the auction and party for Jonathan Demme at Material Culture -... weeks 1 day ago
The Folk Art Society's Brochure for the 27th Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, October 9-12, 2014, is now... weeks 1 day ago
Doll house furniture and ornament's collection: weeks 1 day ago
Jonathan Demme's art collection going to auction: weeks 2 days ago
Shovels of Art: weeks 2 days ago
Details of the Corcoran art going to the National Gallery and the school going to George Washington University: weeks 2 days ago
Private museums hard to maintain. Corcoran succumbs: weeks 2 days ago
Folk Art lives on........ weeks 3 days ago
Folk Couture at the American Folk Art Museum (But is it art?): weeks 3 days ago
Sister Gertrude Morgan: weeks 4 days ago
Folk Couture in NY Times: weeks 4 days ago
More about the Bellows painting sale from the former director of the Maier Museum at Randolph College: weeks 5 days ago