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It costs a lot to tear a building down after all: week 4 days ago
Portraits of world leaders by former President George W. Bush weeks 1 day ago
Better article about George Bush's paintings, this one with pictures: weeks 1 day ago
George Bush, a newly discovered folk artist, has his first show: weeks 1 day ago
Brazilian Gallery featured at Outsider Art Fair this May: weeks 2 days ago
An old story, but an interesting one: weeks 2 days ago
Kentucky Folk Art Center to feature chairs by Chester Cornett: weeks 3 days ago
This museum commemorates the 15-year old girl in Farmville, Va., who started the desegregation of the public... weeks 4 days ago weeks 4 days ago
Happy Birthday, Jim "Jacleg" Harley! 82 years young today, March 26, 2016. Make many more beautiful birds! weeks 4 days ago
One of the Highwaymen painters dies . weeks 3 days ago
Christine McHorse (pictured) spoke at the Folk Art Society's Santa Fe conference in 1994. weeks 3 days ago
Howard Finster and Paradise Garden in the Huffington Post: weeks 4 days ago
FASA Columbus Conference brochure now online at FASA website. October 9-12, 2014 is the date. Mark your calendars. — 5 weeks 5 days ago
Orren & Marilyn's Collection of Albert Zahn Birds at Milwaukee Art Museum: weeks 5 days ago
The below codes contain an invitation to attend the auction and party for Jonathan Demme at Material Culture -... weeks 6 days ago
The Folk Art Society's Brochure for the 27th Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, October 9-12, 2014, is now... weeks 6 days ago
Doll house furniture and ornament's collection: weeks 6 days ago
Jonathan Demme's art collection going to auction: weeks 6 days ago
Shovels of Art: weeks 6 days ago