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Great article by Edward Gomez in Hyperallergic: weeks 2 days ago
My daughter Clair's company, MerryMakers, is licensing the product of Peter the Cat, by folk artist James Dean of... weeks 3 days ago
British folk art at Tate Britain: weeks 1 day ago
Folk artist wins First Place at Va. Beach Boardwalk Show for $7,500 prize: weeks 1 day ago
Pasaquan to be preserved by the Kohler Foundation weeks 5 days ago
Kohler Foundation to Begin Preservation of Pasaquan » Kohler Foundation Inc. weeks 5 days ago
Nice story about Rudolph Bostic from Savannah: weeks 1 day ago
Short Video of Vollis Simpson, who died one year ago: weeks 3 days ago
Louisville artist Scott Scarboro spoke at the FASA conference in 2007. Look what he's doing now! weeks 4 days ago
Tate Britain shows folk art: weeks 4 days ago
Finster Fest this weekend, with Shenedoah playing: weeks 4 days ago
"Self-Taught Genius" opens at American Folk Art Museum and will travel later: weeks 3 days ago
Folk Art show at the Tate in London - a really amusing article: weeks 3 days ago
Mingering Mike makes the news, coming to the Smithsonian's collection: weeks 5 days ago
Finster exhibition at World of Coca-Cola in Atanta: weeks 5 days ago
Folk Art show in Florence, Alabama: weeks 18 hours ago
Auction of Benny Carter's Estate: weeks 18 hours ago
Good photos of the Outsider Art Fair: weeks 5 days ago
Review of the Outsider Art Fair by Jerry Saltz: weeks 5 days ago
Many exhibitions in Santa Fe and Albuquerque: weeks 1 day ago