Traveling the Rainbow: The Art and Life of Joseph E. Yoakum

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by Derrel B. DePasse
166 pages, University Press of Mississippi

The first full-length celebration of an African American and Native American self-taught master's landscapes and travels

In The New York Times, Wendy Steiner named Joseph E. Yoakum (1890-1972) one of the six masters among American outsider artists. John Perreault wrote in The Village Voice, "The discovery of an authentic 'naive' artist such as Yoakum does not happen very often so it is cause for some celebration."

With 50 color and 145 black-and-white reproductions, Traveling the Rainbow: The Life and Art of Joseph E. Yoakum is a fitting tribute to this fascinating creator of visionary landscapes.

Despite the initial excitement of his discovery, relatively little was known of the life of this artist. What emerges in Traveling the Rainbow fits an adventure novel. Yoakum traveled the oceans on steamliners working in their boiler rooms. He rode America's railways as an inspector. With an elite team of African American troops in World War I, he toured Eur