[#90] Vol. 26 No. 3, Spring/Summer 2016

Thornton Dial. Photograph courtesy Souls Grown Deep Foundation.

“Message from the Director”
“Memories of Mr. Dial” by Barbara and James Sellman
“Reflections on the Life and Art of Thornton Dial” by Bernard Herman
“Pulling Aside the Curtain” by Laura Bickford
“Review: History Refused to Die” reviewed by James Sellman
“Creative Collisions at the Bennington Museum: Inward Adorings of the Mind” by Tony Gengarelly
“St. Petersburg Conference Brochure”
“Outsider Art Fair: A Photo Essay” by Beverly Kaye
“Folk Artists Changing the World” by Jeff Snell
“A Folk Art Pilgrimage to Cuba” by Ann Oppenhimer
“Cuba’s Art Brut Project” by Harriet Finkelstein
“Odd is the New Normal: Two Books and A Show” by Aarne Anton
“Once Again Slotin Auction Wows” by Tina Cox
“Obituary: Mike Esslinger 1949-2016" by Margaret Day Allen
“Obituary: Jerry Brown 1942-2016" by Micki Beth Stiller
“2015 Contributors to FASA”
“Calendar of Exhibitions”

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