[#17] Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall 1991

"Chicago: The Folk Artists Speak," (Derek Webster, David Philpott, Mr. Imagination, Prophet William Blackmon) by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Misha and Clyde: No Sale," (Clyde Jones, from Associated Press).
"Report from National Advisory Board Meeting" by Georgine Clarke.
"Parallel Visions: The Relationship of Folk Art to Contemporary Art" (excerpts from lecture by Russell Bowman.)
"Scenes From Chicago, September 27-29, 1991. (Folk Art Society Annual Meeting).
Photographs by William and Ann Oppenhimer.
"What is Meant by Outsider Art Today?" by Roger Cardinal.
"Folk Art Society Award Given to Robert Bishop" by Ellin Gordon.
"Noah Kinney, Carver, Dies" by Jennifer Hewlett and Andy Mead.
"Personal Voice: Outsider and Signature Style," exhibition review by Gladys Nilsson.

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