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The Folk Art Society of America, founded in 1987, is a nonprofit organization that advocates the documentation, preservation and exhibition of folk art, folk artists and folk art environments, with an emphasis on the contemporary. We publish The Folk Art Messenger free to members. Our online Calendar lists current, upcoming and ongoing folk-art-related events and exhibitions.

Latest Issue of the Folk Art Messenger

[#110] Vol. 33, No. 2., Fall 2023


Message from the Executive Director
Warren Thompson: A Self-Taught Artist Carving Out the Past by Vernon and Yvonne Carter
Jimmy Morrow: Handling Serpents by Margaret Day Allen
Barbara Grey: Making Dreams Come True by Beth Wiltshire
Singular Spaces II: Broadening the Commons – Spanish Environments by Jo Farb Hernández
34th Folk Art Society Conference – Richmond, Va.
Letters to the Editor
Two Monumental Philadelphia Exhibitions by Kenneth Walker
Pierre Merlier and His Human Forest by Jeanine Rivais
James “Son” Thomas: A Folk Art Road Trip by Jim and Beth Arient
Obituary: Peter Cecere by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Betty-Carol Sellen by Marti Burt
Obituary: Chuck Goodstein by Ann Oppenhimer
Front Cover: Warren Thompson. Photograph by Vernon Carter

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