Front Porch, Photograph by Suzi Altman

[#108] Vol. 32, No. 3., Winter/ Spring 2023

Message from the Executive Director
Margaret’s Grocery Rescue Shifts to High Gear by Margaret Day Allen
The Missing and the Found: The Art of Ray Gabaldón & Tona Wakefield by Stephen Huyler
Steve Kaselak’s Jellybeanville Text and photographs by Fred Scruton
Richmond Conference Brochure
Letters to the Editor/ Contributors to the Folk Art Society 2022
Collecting: Of Another Canon by Richard Guy Wilson
Book Review: Reflections of the Heart: Eldridge Bagley by Ann Oppenhimer
Hartman Rock Garden Receives Kohler Recognition by Ann Oppenhimer
“I Made This” . . . The Work of Black American Artists Press Release from the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg
Outsider Art Fair by Carol Millsom and Judith Meyerowitz
Obituary: Albert Keiser Jr. by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Mark Anthony Mulligan by Jim Arient
Calendar of Exhibitions

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