[#35] Vol. 9, No. 3, Spring 1996

"Vollis Simpson: The Don Quixote of East-Central North Carolina" by Jane Joel.
"Executive Update" by Debbie Ritchey.
"Ninth Annual Folk Art Society Conference in Birmingham, Ala."
"Kentuck Festival of the Arts" by Georgine Clarke.
"Alfred McMoore" by N. F. Karlins.
"Denzil Goodpaster: Kentucky Folk Artist" by Adrian Swain.
"A Kiln Opening at the Husseys'" by Chuck Rosenak.
Obituary: "Minnie Black" by Richard Wenstrup.
"Art at the Olympics" by Georgine Clarke.
"Contemporary American Folk Art--A Collector's Guide," Book Review by Warren Lowe.
"Raw Visions and Roadside Attractions," Video Review by John Turner.

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