[#49] Vol. 13, No. 1, Winter/Spring 2000

"Nek Chand's Story: Can the World's Largest Folk Art Environment Be Saved?" by Anton Rajer
"An Introduction to Venezuelan Folk Art" by Larry Kent
"Outsider Art Fair 2000" by David Levinson
"Uncommon Artists VIII: Four Cameo Talks" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Obituary: Jay Tobler" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Musings on Millennial Dreams" by Randall Morris
Honor Roll of Contributors 1999-2000
"Brooke Anderson: Builder of Bridges" by Carol Millsom Studer
Seventeen Book Reviews by Georgine Clarke, Genevieve Chenault, Hank Chenault, Wayne Cox, Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, John Foster, Frank Holt, Jim Linderman, Read McGehee Jr., Ann Oppenhimer, William Oppenhimer, Catherine Roseberry and John Willett
San Diego Conference Announcement
Calendar of Exhibitions

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