[#51] Vol. 13 No. 3, Fall 2000

"Alabama Artists Celebrated in the South of France" by Georgine Clarke
"Charlie Lucas and Nall" by William Oppenhimer
"Conference Features Latin American and Native American Cultures" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Awards of Distinction Presented in San Diego"
"Annual FASA Auction"
"Folk Art Society Group Visits Salvation Mountain" by Ann Oppenhimer
"San Diego Scenes" [photographs of FASA conference]
"Summer Report From Atlanta" by Lynne Browne
Obituaries: Jacob James Kass by Ray Kass; Abraham Lincoln Criss by Ann Oppenhimer; Simon Sparrow by Ann Oppenhimer
"Leroy Person and the Furniture He Made" by Everett Mayo Adelman
"Local Heroes: A Retrospective of the Work of Sam Doyle," Exhibition review by Robert Reeves
"Folk Art in Outer Space," Exhibition review by Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass

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