[#52] Vol. 14, No. 1, Winter/Spring 2001

"Message from the President"
"This Ain't No Flea Market: The Carvings of Murphy Antoine" by Peter A. Szok.
"A Visit with William (W.C.) Owens" by William and Ann Oppenhimer.
"The Folk Artist Speaks" by Anne Kirchheimer.
"Afro-Cuban Painter: José Montebravo" by Joan Pearlman.
Obituaries: Genevieve Roulin by Ann Oppenhimer; Willie White by Bill Rose; Edward (Mr. Ed) Ambrose by Lee Battiglia.
"14th Annual Conference of the Folk Art Society of America."
"The Outsider Art Fair: Thoughts and Observations" by Lynne Browne.
"Uncommon Artists IX: New York Symposium" by Lynne Browne.
"Book Reviews" by Hank Chenault, Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, Lee Kogan and Ann Oppenhimer.
"Honor Roll of Contributors"

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