[#54] Vol. 14, No. 3, Fall/Winter 2001/02

Message From the President -- Howard Finster 1916-2001
"Howard Finster's Poem"
"Envisioning Howard" by Norman Girardot
"Howard Finster and the Mountain Lake Workshop" by Ray Kass
"How I Remember Howard Finster" by Susan Hankla
"The Words of Howard Finster" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Tributes to Howard Finster" by Joe Adams, Lynne Browne, Beverly Finster, John Foster, Lee Kogan, Anton Rajer, Chuck Rosenak, Lynne Spriggs and Wanda Teel
"The Marketplace, Part I: High Museum Symposium and Folk Fest" by Lynne Browne
"Fertile Visions: The Paintings of Marion Forgey Line" by K. Johnson Bowles
"14th Annual FASA Conference in Richmond" by Ann Oppenhimer
"African-American Symposium" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Awards of Distinction"
"Donors Respond to Richmond Auction"
"William Miller: Drawings from Prison" by Betty-Carol Sellen
"The Marketplace, Part II: Hemphill Auction Sets Record" by Lynne Browne
"Home Sweet Home: American Folk Art Museum's New Building" by Anton Rajer
Obituaries: William "Ned" Cartledge by Lynne Browne; Rudy Rotter by Anton Rajer; Patsy Billups by Ann Oppenhimer; Victor Studer by William Oppenhimer
Calendar of Exhibitions

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