[#55] Vol. 15, No. 1, Spring 2002

"Kevin Sampson: Memorial Maker" by Wayne Cox
"Reverend McKendree Robbins Long: Picture Painter fo the Apocalypse" by David Steel
"Beauvais Lyons: Folk Art Fabricator" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Rudy Bostic: Savannah Style" by Cheryl Rivers
"The Health, Happiness and Metempsychosis of James Harold Jennings" by David J. Brown
"Savannah Conference Brochure"
Obituaries: Artis Wright by Georgine Clarke and Mary L. Nohl by Leslie Umberger
"Meet the Florida Highwaymen" by Gary Monroe
"Outsider Art Fair's 10th Anniversary" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Uncommon Artists X: A Symposium" by Lynne Browne
Book Reviews:
Souls Grown Deep, Vol. 2 - reviewed by Georgine Clarke
Outsider, Self-Taught and Folk Art Annotated Bibliography- reviewed by Lynne Browne
E. T. Wickham: A Dream Unguarded - reviewed by Bill Swislow
Grandma Moses in the 21st Century - reviewed by Genevieve Chenault
Ralph Fasanella's America - reviewed by Hank Chenault
Alain Bourbonnais - reviewed by Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass
Other Books - compiled by Ann Oppenhimer

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