[#57] Vol. 15, No. 3, Winter 2002

"The Quilters of Gee's Bend" by Paul Arnett
"Mona Boulware Webb: Queen of Willy Street" by Jeffrey Hayes
"Scholars Speak at Savannah Symposium" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Crafting Authenticity: The Politics of Identity in Self-Taught Art" by Gary Alan Fine
"Art Works Presented to Museums"
"Snapped in Savannah: Conference Photographs"
"Folk Art in Pittsburgh" by Lynne Browne
"Rosenaks Accuse Smithsonian of Plagiarism" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Three Outsider Photographers: Lee Godie, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and Morton Bartlett" by William Swislow
"Shure-ly a Successful Day at the Auction" by Lynne Browne
Book Reviews by Ann Oppenhimer; The Quilts of Gee's Bend reviewed by David Whaley
Obituaries: Anne Blanchard, Curtis Cuffie, Selden Rodman and Andrea Badami

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