[#62] Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall/Winter 2004

"Painting the World with a Rainbow: The Story of Jessica Park" by Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass
"California Symposium, Part I: Margins and Mainstream: Disability Art Today" by Ann Oppenhimer and Lynne Browne
"California Symposium, Part II" by Ann Oppenhimer
"What's in a Name: Symposium Presentation" by John Perreault
"Awards of Distinction Presented in California"
"Judith Scott Sculpture Presented to Museum"
"Oakland Auction Features Art of the Disabled"
"Greetings from the Folk Art Society," photo essay by William and Ann Oppenhimer
"Rosenaks Reach a Record; Slotin Auction" by Lynne Browne
"A Lonnie Holley Retrospective" by Georgine Clarke
"Haitian Art Society Meets in NYC" by Lynne Browne
"2005 Chicago Conference" -- Announcement
"Grotto Renaissance in the Boboli Gardens" by Anton Rajer
"Everyday Genius: A Book Review/Essay" by William Swislow
"Book Review: Create and Be Recognized" reviewed by Anton Rajer
Obituaries: Bessie Nickens by Kevin Grogan; Raymond Thunder-Sky by Keith Banner; Robert Howell by Ann Oppenhimer

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