[#63] Vol. 17, No. 3, Spring 2005

"A Sculptural Tribute to Minnie Evans" by Virginia Wright-Frierson
"Minnie Evans: Dreams in Color" by Anne Brennan
"Chronology of Minnie Evans" by Anne Brennan
"Outsider Art Fair 2005: A Report from SoHo" by Randall Lott
"Uncommon Artists XIII: Folk Art Museum's Symposium" by Betty-Carol Sellen
"High's Folk Art Curator Organizes Sudduth Exhibition" by Lynne Browne
"An Interview with Curator Susan Mitchell Crawley" by Lynne Browne
Chicago Conference Brochure"
"Intuit Schedules Folk & Outsider Show" by Martha Watterson
"Museum Profiles: The Hurn Museum" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Red Devils and Blue Skies: A Celebration in Portobello" by Anton Rajer
"Bottle Village. . . At the End?" by Daniel Paul and Francie Rehwald
"List of Contributors"
Hawkins Bolden by Carol Crown
Judith Alexander by Lynne Browne
A Robert Howell Memorial by Sarah Meyer
Roy Ferdinand by Bill Rose
Judith Scott by Tom di Maria
William H. Armstrong Jr. by Everett Mayo Adelman
"Revealing the Masterworks: Book Review" by John Foster
"Calendar of Exhibitions" by Jane Newman

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