[#71] Vol. 20, No. 2, Summer/Fall, 2008

"George McCormick Jr.: From the Secular to the Spiritual" by Jeffrey Hayes.
"Bernice Sims: Painter of Life as She Lives It" by Randall Lott.
"Raul's Cat: The Story of Art Enables" by Joyce Muis-Lowery.
"A Tiny Town with a Folk Art Heart: The Merrimac Folk Art Fence" by Ann Parker.
"Is It a Buyer's Market? Report of Slotin's April Auction" by Lynne Browne.
"Faces in the Crowd" by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Bringing Back the Color: The Revitalization of Cambodian Silk" by Scott Rothstein.
"Passing on the Dream: Collectors Jim and Beth Arient" by Carol Millsom.
"Hobo Heaven: The Art of Adolph Vandertie" by Anton Rajer and Christine Style.
"The Difference Between a Hobo and a Tramp" by William Oppenhimer.
"Bots - Wesley Mills' Handmade Alternate Population" by Everett Mayo Adelman.
"In a Dream, a Film by Jeremiah Zagar" Ð Reviewed by Scott Rothstein.
"Clara Fodor: Needleworker" by Robert Cogswell.
Herman Peters by Adrian Swain
William Miller by Matt Collinsworth
Richard Wenstrup by Duff Lindsay
"Two Book Reviews" by Ann Oppenhimer

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