[#72] Vol. 20, No. 3, Winter 2008

"Love's Labor Lost: Salvatore Veridrome and the Sanctuary of Love" by Mark Karpel.
"Smithsonian Hosts Folk Art Society's Symposium" by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Two Awards of Distinction Presented at Washington Conference."
"22nd FASA Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida."
"Washington Auction Nets $15,000."
"Folk Art Society Presents Four Gifts to Museums."
"The Washington Scene," Photographs by Ann Oppenhimer.
"The Treasure of Ulysses Davis" by Susan Mitchell Crawley.
"Jacobo Angeles, Master Mexican Carver: A Woodcarving Tradition" by Alvin Starkman.
"Faith and Fantasy: Pat Parsons Donates Collection to Vassar College" by Mary-Kay Lombino.
"Korean Potter Song Il Geun" by David McClelland.
"Slotin Strives to Widen Audience" by Lynne Browne
Letters to the Editor
"The Consummate Collectors: Chuck and Judy Goodstein" by Carol Millsom.
"Obituary: Dorothy Rabkin" by Carol Millsom.
"Daughters of India" reviewed by Scott Rothstein.
"Minutes of National Advisory Board/Board of Directors Meeting" by Lynne Browne.
"The Power of the Press: Nek Chand's Kerala Rock Garden" by Anton Rajer.

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