[#74] Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall/Winter 2009

“Message From the President”.
“The Inspired Art of Juanita Leonard” by Margaret Allen.
“Florida's Little-Known Self-Taught Artists” by Gary Monroe.
“The Browne Family: Folk Art Boosters” by Carol Millsom.
“FASA Florida Symposium” by Ann Oppenhimer.
“2009 Awards of Distinction Presented” by Ann Oppenhimer.
“Online Auction Spurs Proceeds” by Ann Oppenhimer.
“Florida Fotos” by William and Ann Oppenhimer.
“Lord Love You: R. A. Miller Exhibition in Georgia” by Lynne Browne.
“With a Little Help from His Friends: Richard Richardson and the Three Sisters Sanctuary” by Mark Karpel.
“Save the Date: Santa Fe”.
“The Market Improves at Slotin's November Auction” by Lynne Browne.
“Many Light Years from Earth: Edward Woltemate's Silent World” by Anton Rajer and Roger Burns.
“Crosshatched: A Cross-Cultural Folk Art Adventure” by Minhazz Majumdar.
‘Frank Holder: Metal Menagerie” by Kenneth Walker.
Obituaries: Woodie Long by Micki Beth Stiller and George Ray McCormick Sr. by Jeffrey Hayes.

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