[#80] Vol. 23, No. 2, Spring 2012

Message from the President
"Bill Traylor Exhibition at High Museum of Art," by Susan Mitchell Crawley, Margaret Ausfeld and Nicole Taylor.
"All Creatures Great and Small Exhibition Continues at Atlanta Airport" by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Le Dinh Nghien: The Last Hang Trong Artist" by Scott Rothstein.
"The Anarchic Gardens of France," Book Review by Roger Cardinal.
"Accidental Genius: Art from the Anthony Petullo Collection."
The Spirits of Jupiter: Visionary Works of William Fields" by Kenneth Walker.
"Atlanta Conference Brochure"
"Folk Art News - Kristin Helberg, Ruby Williams and Russell Rice (1919-2012)"
"Contributors to the Folk Art Society for 2011"
"A Fresh Fair with a Joyful Vibe (Outsider Art Fair)" by Lynne Browne
"American Folk Art Museum Bounces Back with Uncommon Artists XX Symposium" by Margaret Browne.
"New Homes Found for Vieners' Prized Pieces: November Slotin Auction" by Lynne Browne.
"Memorials for Tony Rajer" by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Obituary: Matt Lamb, 1932-2012" by William Glennon.

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