[#100] Vol. 30, No. 1, Summer/Fall 2020

Cover photograph: "Santa Corona," 2020, by Arthur Lopez. Photograph by Arthur Lopez.

Message from the Executive Director: "Announcing the Folk Art Messenger's 100th Issue"
"Self-Taught Artists Respond to COVID-19 Challenges" by Margaret Day Allen
"A Monumental Passion: The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park" by K. Johnson Bowles
"Arbon Lane's Painting and Poems Give Voice to His Life and Times" by Margaret Day Allen
"Frank Novel: Art is My Life" by Fred Scruton
"Street Art in Aruba: The San Nicholas Murals" by Tony Gengarelly
"Hope in a Time of Fear: The Inspiring Art of Sonabai Rajawar" by Stephen P. Huyler
"Hika Wagner: Nova Scotia Artist" by Beth Wiltshire
"Unheard Conversations," Book Review by William Swislow
Obituary: "Tom Every: Power On: Now + Forevermore" by Sarah Detweiller
Obituary: "Reginald Mitchell" by Micki Beth Stiller
Obituary: "Jim Clark" by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituaries: "David Meaders and Larry Clemons" by Tina Cox
"Slotin Folk Art Pioneers Pandemic Business Model" by Tina Cox
"Paradise Garden Reopens" by Tina Cox

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