[#88] Vol. 26 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2015

"Message from the Director"
"Mingering Mike's Fantasia: Supersonic Dreams of Stardom Lost and Found" by Richard Harrington.
"Billy Tripps' Mindfield" by William L. Ellis.
"J.J. Cromer: An Artist Who Challenges the Viewer to Think" by Margaret Day Allen.
"Memphis Conference Brochure"
"Art Under Construction: The Visionary Art of Mary Paulsen " by Jay Althouse with photographs by Sally Albrecht
"Fire! The Resurrection of Mr. Imagination" by Ramona Austin.
"The Free Art Guy: John Summers" by Gary Monroe.
"Books Received" by Ann Oppenhimer.
"Slotin Auction Presents Folk Art's Founding Royalty" by Tina Cox.
"Obituary: Joe Morales 1939-2015" by Scott Rothstein.
"Letters and News"
"Calendar of Exhibitions"

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