[#91] Vol. 27 No. 1, Fall/Winter 2016/2017

"Message from the Executive Director."
"John Culver: Traveling Through Time in Search of Paradise" by Margaret Day Allen. Photographs courtesy Fred Scruton.
"The Scarecrow and the Cross: The Sculptures of Hawkins Bolden" by William Ellis.
"Memories of Stephanie Smither: 1941-2016" by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan, Larry Harris and Ann Oppenhimer.
"Symposium in St. Petersburg."
"Folk Art Society Gives Awards to Artists, Scholars and Museums."
"Snapped in St. Petersburg: Photo Essay."
"Florida Auction: Small but Satisfying."
"From the Heart: Folk Art on Paper" by Jennifer Hardin.
"Folk Art Society Archives at the Virginia Historical Society" by E. Lee Shepard.
"Fever Within: The Art of Ronald Lockett," Exhibition Review by Carol Millsom.
"Slotin Auction: Still Strong After 24 Years" by Tina Cox.
"Jeanne Smith Morgan: Life-Long Activist for the Watts Towers" by Jo Farb Hernandez.
"Letters to the Editor"
"Books Received."
"Santa Fe Conference Flyer."
"Obituary: Ted Ludwiczak: 1926-2016: Carver of Stone Heads" by Aarne Anton.
"Obituary: Josep Pujuilla I Vila: 1937-2016: Spanish Miracle Builder" by Jo Farb Hernandez.
Calendar of Exhibitions.

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