[#92] Vol. 27 No. 2, Spring/Summer 2017

"Message from the Executive Director"
"Eddie Hamrick: A Wizard with Wood" by Margaret Day Allen
"In Search of Herself: The Art of Reva Freedman" by Gary Monroe
"Puerto Rican Folk Art: Three Kings Festival and the Santos Tradition" by Tony Gengarelly
"The Carnival of Life: Painter, Woodcarver and Musician Rick Harris" by Matt Geiger
"Obituary: Isaac Smith 1944-2016" by Rick Currey
"Santa Fe Conference Brochure"
"The Vesterheim Museum: Keeping Norwegian Traditions Alive" by Becky Idstrom
"Homemade Heroes: The Artists and Collectors of Spiritual Journeys<" by Bradley Sumrall
"Landscapes of the Collector: The Baron and Ellin Gordon Collection" by Ramona Austin
"Betye Saar: Keepin’ It Clean" by Suzanne Isken
"A Busy Outsider Art Week" by Ann Oppenhimer
"2016 Contributors to the Folk Art Society"
"Book Review: The Hidden Art" Reviewed by Ann Oppenhimer
Calendar of Exhibitions

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