[#98] Vol. 29 No. 2 Winter 2019

"Introduction: Roger Cardinal 1940-2019" by Ann Oppenhimer
"What is Meant by Outsider Art Today?" by Roger Cardinal
"My Friend Roger Cardinal" by John Maizels
"Roger Cardinal Remembered" by Jeffrey Wolf
"Creative Growth Symposium - Maker, Image, Meaning"
"Passionate Visions of the American South - The Self in Self-Taught Art"
"Remembering Roger" by Michael Hall
"A Pub Lunch" by Colin Rhodes
"Some Scarlet Thoughts on the Cardinal of Outsider Art" by Norman Girardot
"Book Reviews, Excerpted" by Roger Cardinal
"More Tributes and Family Photographs"
"Roger Cardinal 1940-2019: A Brief Resume" by Ann Oppenhimer

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