Art from the Earth: Early American Stoneware

Art from the Earth: Early American Stoneware

From April 29, 2012 to October 14, 2012

This exhibition will feature over one hundred pieces of uniquely decorated stoneware, made in the Northeast between 1780 and 1880, assembled by Edwin and Thayer Hochberg, in addition to pieces from David Behnke & Paul Doherty, and Edward & Judith Kelz.

Stoneware, known for its durability, was considered the perfect material for making sturdy household necessities such as jugs, crocks, jars, pots, pans and became a staple of American life during the nineteenth century. The elaborate and unusual cobalt blue designs on stoneware are the reason these once utilitarian goods are now cherished as Folk Art. The clay also lent itself to the production of more decorative items such as dolls, vases, ink bottles and figurines which are included in this display.

Led by artistic director Chris Zaima and designer Sandy Booth this exhibit features wall murals by local artists Keith Templeton and John Pitts, the former scenic artist at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Large and elaborate examples of stoneware will be creatively displayed on beautiful antique tables, cupboards and armoires from Monique Shay Antiques of Woodbury. Many of the items in this exhibit are for sale including the furniture from Monique Shay and all of the Hochberg stoneware, with a percentage of every sale donated to the Museum.

The exhibit is funded in part by a grant from The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut, in collaboration with the Connecticut Humanities Council. It will be on display through October 14, 2012.


5 Wykeham Road
Washington, CT 06793 

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