Hard Knocks: Art Without School

Hard Knocks: Art Without School

From June 24, 2011 to August 12, 2011

“Raymond Thunder-Sky did not call up art schools to see about admittance. He called up and visited construction/demolition companies like King Wrecking and O’Rourke Construction in the area to find out which buildings were being destroyed and where, and then he filled a toolbox up with art supplies and rode the bus to the sites. He set up his drawing station and went to work…. ‘Hard Knocks: Art without Art School’ is another chapter in the Raymond Thunder-Sky saga. We are curating this exhibit in order to pull away from labels, and defining only one criteria: people who make art without a lot of help from the conventional world. No lessons, no crits, no theses, no institutional support. Just an ambition to create art and to figure out how to show it to the world and then see what happens.”

A “mobile unit” of “Hard Knocks” will be featured at this year’s Folkfest near Atlanta, GA. More info: Folkfest.


4573 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223 

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