Inspired: Clyde Angel, Gérard Sendrey and the artists of Thresholds

Inspired: Clyde Angel, Gérard Sendrey and the artists of Thresholds

From July 15, 2011 to September 3, 2011

Clyde Angel was an artist who, after retirement as a factory welder in a small Midwestern town, secretly began creating unique sculptures from iron scraps and found metal materials. Perhaps because these sculptures were so unconventional, Angel insisted the gallery maintain his anonymity through the end of his life to keep his identity a secret. It was only after much public skepticism regarding his existence and the origin of his pieces that his identity was revealed to the world by his son. Regardless of his public identity, his pieces continue to stand on their own as engaging forms of unlikely materials.

Gérard Sendrey is a French artist who makes images using extensive cross-hatching and shape repetition. He often draws human figures and houses or towns under huge skies, bringing into question the mysteries of existence. Sendrey‚s work brings in an element of the dark and magical, a venture that is not always comfortable and clearly understood, but ultimately quite beautiful.

Thresholds Organization assists and inspires people with severe mental illnesses to reclaim their lives by providing the support, skills and the respectful encouragement that they need to achieve hopeful and successful futures. Thresholds‚ belief in the resilience and value of all individuals has made it one of the nation‚s most respected providers of services for their artists. These services include workspace, materials, and publicity, making it possible for their artists‚ work to appear in galleries and collections. They work from several locations around Chicago.


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