Minnie Adkins Day

Minnie Adkins Day

From July 20, 2019 to July 20, 2019

You are welcome to join us for one of the biggest folk art festivals in Eastern Kentucky, Elliott County’s Minnie Adkins Day. Since 2014 our own resident, world famous folk artist, Minnie Adkins, has been honored with a festival here, in her own home county. Minnie Adkins Day will be filled with lots of art, both folk and fine, traditional heritage inspired crafts, food, music, and loads of fun. The spaces for Vendor setup are still just $10 and are open to artists and craftspersons from all around. There is no admission for you to get in. So just come on in, look, see, shop, and just visit with us for a while. For more information go to our website: https//www.littlesandylodge.com or call us at 606-738-5515. We hope to see you there.


1914 N. Kentucky Highway 32
Sandy Hook, KY 41171 

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