[#94] Vol. 28 No. 1 Spring 2018

Message from the Executive Director
"Elijah Pierce: An American Journey" by Jeffrey Wolf
"The World of an Autistic Artist: Sebastian Lopez Duran" by Kathleen Pigott
"Eluid Levi Martinez: Memory and Family: A Tale of a True New Mexico Folk Artist" by Tey Marianna Nunn
"Jessica Park: New Direction for an Accomplished Artist" by Tony Gengarelly
"The Saga of Faith Mission: Anderson Johnson: Working in the Spirit", Photographs by William and Ann Oppenhimer
"Deliverance to Make Art Later: Bobby Welch" by Gary Monroe
"A Different Outsider Art Fair 2018" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Christie’s Auction Brings a Crowd of Spirited Bidders" by Ann Oppenhimer
Letters to the Editor
2017 Contributors
October Trip to Oaxaca
Three Decades of Folk Art Society Conferences
Obituaries: Brian Dowdall and Eli Leon
Calendar of Exhibitions

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