[#105] Vol. 31, No.3, Winter/Spring 2022

Message from the Executive Director
John Foster Makes Second Major Discovery by Margaret Day Allen
Ramblin’ Roy Smith: The Freedom to Create -- Text and Photographs by Fred Scruton
Threads of Identity, Generations Connect -- Text and Photographs by Kathy Johnson Bowles
What Makes a Quilt Art? by Kathy Johnson Bowles
Ilona Fekete Overcomes Obstacles to Create ‘Happy Folk Art’ by Margaret Day Allen
Georgia “Miss Dixie” Corcoran: Memorials to the Fallen -- Text and Photographs by Fred Scruton
2021 List of Contributors
Slotin Folk Art Auctions Top $3.2 Million by Tina Cox
Obituary: Jaber Al-Mahjoub: His Imaginary Travels by Jeanine Rivais
Obituary: Ceres Franco by Jeanine Rivais
Obituary: Justo Callego: Building a Dream with Belief by Jo Farb Hernández
Joseph Yoakum at the Museum of Modern Art: Text and Photographs by Carol Millsom
Calendar of Exhibitions

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