[#81] Vol. 23, No. 3, Summer/Fall 2012

"Message from the President"
"In Memoriam: The Regenerative Art of Mr. Imagination (1948-2012)" by Ramona Austin
"Remembering Mr. Imagination: My First and Last Encounters with a Metal Angel" by Norman Girardot
"Mr. Imagination: His Life and Death" by Kevin Sampson
"The Beatles of Visionary Art" by Larry Harris
"What Price Paradise?" by Thomas Scanlin
"Our Trip to the Doo-Nanny" by Margaret Allen
"Some Unheralded Florida Artists" by Gary Monroe
"Working in the Spirit: Elder Anderson Johnson" by Mary Kayaselcuk
"Barretts Give Self-Taught Art to Harvard University" by Carol Millsom
"Folk Fest 2012" by Lynne Browne
"Obituary: Georgine Clarke, 1941-2012" by Micki Beth Stiller
"Obituary: Jan Rosenak, 1930-2012" by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan
"Obituary: Jeffrey Hayes, 1947-2012" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Leslie Umberger Appointed Curator at Smithsonian" by Ann Oppenhimer
"I Dreamed I Searched for You in Heaven: A DVD by Ronald and Jessie Cooper's Grandson" by Ted Oliver
"Calendar of Exhibitions"

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