SMALL: Artwork that fits in the palm of your hand

SMALL: Artwork that fits in the palm of your hand

From June 30, 2011 to August 10, 2011

SMALL is an impressive group exhibition of over 100 small-scale works by more than 40 artists, and is one of the most diverse shows that Creativity Explored Gallery has ever presented. No piece is larger than seven inches square, though separately, and as a whole, the work speaks volumes. Miniature ceramics, woodblock paintings, ink drawings, watercolors and mixed-media pieces that range in style and subject matter keep each other company˜it‚s a veritable Noah‚s Ark of an art exhibition. Distinct themes do emerge however; this show demonstrates the unique freedom that tight parameters offer an artist, enabling them to work with life‚s minutia or its immensity˜on one hand focusing on human gestures, the turn of a phrase, internal organs and the formal qualities of line, shape and color, and on the other hand exploring flight, geography, landscape, and architecture.


3245 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103 

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