[#101] Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall/Winter 2020

“Message from the Executive Director”
“Remembering Our Friend and Mentor: William “Bill” Arnett” by James and Barbara Sellman
“Bill Arnett: A Towering Figure” by Colin Rhodes
“Clayton Bailey: Robots, Funky Jugs, Mechanical Marvels” by John Turner
“Joe Cole: Art That Comes From Within” by Jo Farb Hernandez
“Eldridge Bagley: Son of the Soil” by Beth Wiltshire
“Historical Howard Finster Painting Discovered”
 by Tina A. Cox
“Maud Lewis: Let Us Praise Perseverance” by Carol Bruneau
“Brian Pardini: Treasuring Pieces of Nature” by Fred Scruton
“Jim Weaver Paints His Memories: The Good and the Bad” by Margaret Day Allen
“Auction Market Strengthens During Pandemic” by Tina A. Cox
“The Art of the Face Jug” by George and Kay White Meyer
“Letters to the Editor”
“Book Reviews” by Ann Oppenhimer
“Calendar of Exhibitions”

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