[#102] Vol. 30, No.3, Winter /Spring 2021

Message from the Executive Director
2020 Folk Art Society of America Contributors
C.M. Laster: Art Against the Odds by Margaret Day Allen
I Carve a Message, a Sermon: Elijah Pierce's America at the Barnes Foundation by Kathy Johnson Bowles
C.T. McClusky; A Clown and His Circus by Carol Millsom
Bev Davies: Stained Glass Artist by Beth Wiltshire
Look Through His Eyes: Thornton Dial's Drawings by Kathy Johnson Bowles
Stunning Slotin Folk Art Fall Masterpiece Auction by Tina Cox
The Studio Workshop for Naive Art, Bayate by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez, translated by Stuart Ashman
The same article in Spanish
Jean-Claude Caire: Memories of Our Friendship 1933-2020 Obituary by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Helen LaFrance 1919-2020 by Duff Lindsay
Obituary: Richard Burnside 1944-2020 by Jim Arient
Obituary: Ruth Kohler 1941-2020 by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Carl "Spike" Knuth 1937-2020 by Ann Oppenhimer
Book Reviews by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Orren Bradley 1925-2020 by Ann Oppenhimer
Letters to the Editor
Obituary: Robert Allen 1948-2020 by Ann Oppenhimer
Calendar of Exhibitions

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