[#109] Vol. 33, No. 1., Summer 2023

Message from the Executive Director Summer 2023 by Ann Oppenhimer
Bernard Gore: The Word in Wood - Text and Photographs by Fred Scruton
Arthur Bispo do Rosario: “All Existing Materials on Earth” by Judith Meyerowitz
Creating Connections: Self-Taught Artists from the Rosenthal Collection by Julie Aronson
Richmond Conference Brochure
Food for Thought: George Voronovsky and the Virtues of Foraging by Kyle Mancuso
The Art of the Blues by William Ellis
Build a Heaven of My Own: African American Vernacular Art & the Blues by Jim Arient
Slotin Spring Masterpiece Sale Shatters Records by Tina Cox
Two Book Reviews by Ann Oppenhimer
Letters to the Editor
Messenger Awards
Obituary: Jerry Dance by Ann Oppenhimer
Obituary: Mary Anne Deane by Ann Oppenhimer
Calendar of Exhibitions

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