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[#86] Vol. 25, No. 2, Summer/Fall 2014

"Message from the President"
"Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget" by Leslie Umberger
"British Folk Art at the Tate Britain" by Joan Pearlman
"Howard Finster's Serigraphs" by Thomas Scanlin
"Hampton Roads Folk Exhibition" by James Warwick Jones
"Sam Doyle Breaks Records at Spring Slotin Auction" by Tina Cox
"Minnie Adkins Celebrated for Cultural Contributions" by Matt Collinsworth
"An Appreciation of Minnie Adkins on Her Day" by Dwalia Sharon Boggs
"May Day: Reviews of the Outsider Art Fair" by Various Reviewers
"Book Review: The True Gospel Preached Here," reviewed by John Foster
"Books Received" by Ann Oppenhimer
"High Museum Receives $2.5 Million Gift"
"2014 Folk Art Society Scholarship Awarded" by Carol Crown
"Obituary: Marcia Muth 1919-2014" by Betty-Carol Sellen
"Obituary: Lawrence Amos 1944-2014" by Grey Carter
"Obituary: James r. (Jimmy) Hedges III" by Micki Beth Stiller
"Calendar of Exhibitions"


A new advisory board for the Folk Art Society of America has been elected, now named the Folk Art Society of America at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, or by acronym: FASA@LCVA.

The FASA@LCVA Advisory Board Members:

Ex-Officio Members, representing Longwood University:

Rachel Talent Ivers
Executive Director, Longwood Center for the Visual Arts

Helen Warriner-Burke
LCVA Advisory Board Chairman

Larissa Fergeson
Department of History, Faculty Representative

Courtney Hodges
Vice President of Commonwealth Relations

Executive Committee of the Folk Art Society:

James Sellman
Richmond, VA

Thomas Brumfield Jr.
Vice President
Largo, FL

William Oppenhimer
Representative to the LCVA Advisory Board
Richmond, VA

Ann Oppenhimer
Interim Director
Richmond, VA

Members of the FASA@LCVA Advisory Board:

Jay Althouse
Raleigh, NC

James Arient
Naperville, IL

Johnson Bowles
Asheville, NC

Marilyn Bradley
Egg Harbor, WI

Donna Brumfield
Largo, FL

Grey Carter
McLean, VA

Wyatt Collins
New Iberia, LA

Tina Cox
Decatur, GA

Susan Crawley
Atlanta, GA

Carol Crown
Memphis, TN

Harriet Finkelstein
Boston, MA

Tony Gengarelly
Brattleboro, VT

Ray Kass
Christiansburg, VA

Randall Lott
Tampa, FL

Carol Millsom
New York, NY

Cheryl Rivers
Brooklyn, NY

Thomas Scanlin
Dahlonega, GA

Betty-Carol Sellen
Santa Fe, NM

Ted Weiller
Sarasota, FL

Barbara Weisskopf
Deerfield, IL

Peter Wendel
Los Angeles, CA

David Whaley
Richmond, VA

John Willett
Richmond, VA

CALENDAR: Opening Soon

"Driftwood Comes to Life"
Opens Friday, November 21, 2014
4901 Old Brook Rd
Richmond, VA 23227
"André Robillard"
Opens Friday, November 28, 2014
Avenue des Bergieres 11
1004 Lausanne
"A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America"
Opens Tuesday, December 16, 2014
2 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023